7 Skincare Tips For a Healthy Glow This Summer

Most of our favorite summer activities increase the look of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving our skin looking dull and tired. Intensifying all of the characteristics we prefer to hide! If you are looking to protect your skin and have that healthy summer glow at the same time, here are seven tips that will help you achieve just that!

“Summertime, days by the pool, beach vacations, patio time with friends, and longer nights with less time for sleep. Who doesn’t love summer and all it has to offer?“

Maintain a healthy glow all summer long with the following tips!

  • SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY! Make sure you use both face and body sunscreen! Also check all of those left over bottles from last year, sunscreen expires so it may be time to replace them. The same applies to make-up and moisturizers if you use those as SPF protection.
  • HYDRATE! That’s right! Your skin tells on you if you aren’t getting enough water. You will notice the wrinkles are just a bit deeper so drink as much H2O as possible!
  • VITAMIN C! Increase the amount of vitamin C you intake, it is your skin’s best friend! Eat more Vitamin C rich fruits and veggies or grab a supplement from your local pharmacy. You can also use a serum but we recommend that you use this at night before bed only! The serum can actually make your skin more sensitive to the sun during the day.
  • EXFOLIATE! Exfoliate if you want that summertime glow! Our skin sheds cells daily and without exfoliation they build up and dull your natural glow. Not to mention the sun can make your skin look dry and rough. Your skin is your largest organ so when exfoliating remember to do your entire body and not just your face.
  • REMOVE HAIR THE RIGHT WAY! That’s right, if you remove hair, make sure you do it right. Invest in high-quality razors and shaving creams, it’s absolutely essential. If you want a longer lasting solution, laser hair removal may be the answer.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF! You can purchase simple and easy moisturizing masks at any drugstore or online. It’s an easy way to moisturize when you have some down time or on the go.
  • PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS! Looking for some professional assistance may be an option for you. Splurge a little and reach out to your local spa and give your skin some extra summer love!

Studio 360 Med Spa’s team is always available to help you achieve that summertime glow! Check out what we have available or schedule a free consult and be your own brand of summertime beautiful!

Be #Flawless All Summer Long!!!

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