Lip Flip, What is it?

When it comes to changing lip shape or achieving a plumper pout, the go-to request that may immediately roll off most patients’ tongue is filler. Injections of (in the lips and elsewhere) ranked as one of the most requested treatments.. But, there’s another under-the-radar option for patients looking to achieve the look of a more voluminous lip, and the technique and product may surprise you: micro-injections of neurotoxin in a treatment we call the “lip flip.”

If you are looking for a good result at a more than reasonable price. This is it. During the procedure, a very small amount of neurotoxin (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin) is placed into the muscles around the upper lip. “The procedure weakens the muscle around the mouth that causes lips to turn inward over time,”

It’s fairly low-risk but there is the potential of minor bruising or swelling that resolves quickly as with other injections. It’s a great low-cost and low-downtime alternative to fillers.

The “Lip Flip” also helps with seeing too much gum when smiling. There are so many positives to this treatment and we are so happy to offer it too our clients!

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