Low Testosterone and What It Means to You!

Hormonal changes with age are natural and don’t affect just women. Andropause may be a word you are unfamiliar with and we aren’t surprised. You have more likely heard things like Low-T, Male Menopause, or testosterone deficiency. No matter what you label it the symptoms are real and most of the time go untreated and written off as the aging process. Unlike menopause in women the slow onset and less severe symptoms make it difficult to recognize that this can be treated and the results are an improvement in your quality of life.

The Good News is that help is available. A quick physical exam and blood work to check for androgens and low testosterone levels provides our physicians to create a treatment plan specifically for you. One option is Biote pellet therapy, an all natural way of raising your testosterone levels. This treatment alone or combined with things like lifestyle changes, supplements, and other treatments like The Man (Priapus) Shot, will have you feeling like a brand new man!

Give us or your physician a call today and schedule a consultation! You might be surprised at the options you have to regain some of that youthful energy and mental clarity that have been lost.

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